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Down to Earth Recycling Solutions

Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) is committed to the land, our environment and the people we serve. We provide responsive, innovative, and high quality organic residuals and recycling services to address our customers interests and needs.

National Biosolids Partnership Resource Management IncRMI specializes in developing sound, innovative nutrient management strategies and approaches for farms, municipalities, site developers, and other land-centered businesses throughout New England and New York. We are proud to be Gold Level recognized by the National Biosolids Partnership for RMI's Environmental Management System. 

We also partner with suppliers of organic waste or residuals and recycle by-products such as wood ash, wastewater treatment residuals, biosolids, and paper fiber to benefit suppliers and the end users of those materials and our environment.

RMI manages and operates beneficial reuse programs throughout New England for both agronomic and industrial use and provides sustainable solutions for communities in our region.


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